On the 22nd of November 2019, from 12 to 4 p.m. some palettes were placed on the courtyard in front of the Bouboulinas building, forming a circle.

Students sat on the palettes, enjoying the sunny weather and after eating cheese pie, apple pie, croissants and biscuits, they discussed on the topic of appropriating the outdoor spaces of the school. After a long and multi-level talk, the students played a game, the so-called speed dating. They were divided in two lines, each one facing the other, and then, two questions were asked, to which they had to answer in couples. For each question, 3 minutes were given for discussion, plus 3 minutes for writing down their main points. When the 6 minutes were over, the students sitting in the first of the two lines had to move to the right, and the same process was repeated, with new couples, each time. For each of the two questions, 3-4 rounds took place.