f = ευ (greek prefix)

ευτοπία (greek word, latin: locus amoenus) 

- a pleasant place - 


Locus amoenus is a literary topos involving an idealized place of safety or comfort. A locus amoenus is usually a beautiful, shady lawn or open woodland, or a group of idyllic islands, sometimes with connotations of Eden or Elysium. A locus amoenus will have three basic elements: trees, grass, and water. Often, the garden will be in a remote place and function as a landscape of the mind. It can also be used to highlight the differences between urban and rural life or be a place of refuge from the processes of time and mortality.


ftopea aims to:

1. activate the university’s outdoor spaces, by turning them into a common ground for collective gathering, creating and exchanging, between the students, the teachers and the employees 

2. open up the university towards the neighborhood of Exarchia and the city of Athens, in order to achieve an osmosis between the architectural school and the people



1. the HUMAN platform

Through various events, the students will be invited to inhabit our university’s outdoor spaces and  discuss on ways of appropriating and activating them.


2. the PHYSICAL platform 

For some weeks in spring, the university will turn into a construction site, where a flexible and transformable toolkit will be created. This will be designed in a way so that it can take multiple forms, thus creating multiple spaces and provoking multiple uses. The toolkit will serve as our physical platform.


3. 1+2   

The flexible and transformable toolkit will be set in use by the students.